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Devon rex cattery DALITA

Welcome to our cattery!!!

First get introduced to this really attractive breed Devon Rex.
This breed is quite young, but it is loved by everybody who meets it. These cats are the result of natural mutation. The first cat was found in England in Devonshire, where it got its name. These cats are special due to their curly fur, big ears like a bat's and elflike look. A pleasant peculariaty is that Devon Rex cats don't moult. Devon Rex cats are different because they are tender, sociable, active, they are attached to peaple like dogs. At the same time they are real ladies and gentlemen.
If you are interested in the stated above don't miss your luck in the face of Devon rex breed!
Now a little bit about our cattery.
"Dalita" is in Latvian catclub "Rebuss", which is a member of FIFe.
We are trying to breed quality Devon Rex cats. We are constantly improving this animals type by working hard on this breed. Though our cattery is young, we reached high results. Our cats and queens are famous for their quality and achievement at catshows, which are getting better every year. Our special criteria is the annual World Catshow. At the last World Catshow 2002 in Helsinki adult female from our cattery Dalita Daurelia got a nomination and finished her Euro Champion title.

devon rex photo